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NASA, 11. HD 40307g

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Format: A4, A3, 50 x 70 cm. and 70 x 100 cm.


Super nice retro-like NASA poster with exoplanet motif, HD 40307g.

A4 (21x29,7 cm)
A3 (29,7x42 cm)
50 x 70 cm.
70 x 100 cm.
Without frame
Black wood frame
Magnet frame in oak
Oak frame dark
Oak frame nature
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Extreme sports and fitness are popular as never before - so the idea of ​​what challenge the exoplanet HD 40307g could offer must tempt many. An exoplanet is a planet that lies outside our own solar system. With a volume twice the size of the Earth, the HD 40307g balances on the border between being categorized as a "super-Earth" and a "mini-Neptune". In addition, the planet has a mass that is eight times the Earth, which gives an insanely high gravity. Then you go and feel tough and strong, because you've made an ironman here on Earth, so you should just try to do the same on HD 40307g - see that would be a performance! About the HD 40307g has a surface and atmosphere that resembles Earth's, or whether it is a crust of ice or a cloud of gas, is not known - precisely because it is so far away. The only thing that is known with fairly safety is how big and heavy the HD 40307g is. With its muted colors, its golden glow and the combination of sharp lines and soft transitions, the poster is nothing short of a delight to the eye. The planet itself is relatively caricatured and unrealistic, while the higher degree of detail of the source gives him a more realistic expression. The details and the dark colors of the founder emphasize him without, however, dropping out the magnificent HD 40307g in the background. The simple planetary design also makes that there is much that one has to imagine. It's green, yes, but which plants are what make the planet green? Is everything bigger? This lack of detail and information becomes an invitation to the viewers: Play with - what do you imagine hiding in there? In NASA's poster series, HD 40307g has come to represent the idea of ​​Earth-like exoplanets. How big are they? Are there any people with plant growth? Life? Animals? Intelligent beings? The inspiration for Jet Propulsion Laboratory, which is behind all NASA posters, was found in an extreme sports advertisement. In the advertisement, people ran out of mountains in the Alps wearing wingsuits. Then it struck the designers that it was what a planet like HD 40307g could attract: Dare and extreme sportsmen. Imagine how strong you have to be to be able to move in that form of gravity at all? Just getting up is training. A slip on the HD 40307g must at least quickly force the body to rebuild the muscles after a weightless ride in a spacecraft.