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Welcome to Permild & Rosengreen's online shop

Since 1947 the name "Permild & Rosengren" has been a synonym with the publications of art prints in Denmark. Throughout the years, the publications have been a leading player in the production of lithography, art posters, design posters, art catalogs, art calendars etc. - always in uncompromising quality and in close and creative collaboration with the best artists and designers of the time.

Today, our core business area has been expanded to include idea development, design, production and publishing of a number of publishing releases - all within culture, art and design - and still with the same uncompromising relationship with quality and artistic content.

The products are marketed and sold to selected customers in Denmark and abroad - either as unique specimens and series in their own design, or based on a specific idea and product development with the customer as a partner for discussion.


- We have everything from graphical and design posters and art poster to children's posters and posters with a retro twist.