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William Morris

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Activist artist with a sense of design

William Morris was, as the name implies, an English artist, writer, socialist and activist. He was born in 1834 in Essex and died in 1896. He is known to be one of the founders of the British design movement which goes by the name Arts and Crafts. In this context, Morris is best known for his design of wallpaper and fabrics, but has also worked as a lyricist and writer as well as activist in socialist movements. As a result of his parents being wealthy, he entered Marlborough College which he, in connection with a student rebellion, left in 1851. Due to Morris’s generally rebellious mindset, he thought that art should be for everyone. He did not advocate hierarchy – and certainly not in the world of art.

Detailed or simple?

Here at Permild & Rosengreen you will find, as you can see above, a selection of Morris’s colourful and characteristic posters with wallpaper pattern motifs. What they have in common is that they are designed with a keen attention to detail, colour composition and beauty. For example, see the beautiful poster “LET THE BEAUTY WIN” which at the same time embraces details and simplicity. Detailed as a result of the beautiful floral pattern, simple because the pattern is modest in colour. Of you are into more colours, check out his other posters. There you will surely find one poster that is perfect for your home or summer cottage. Also remember that all his posters can be purchased in beautiful wooden frames, which are available in different types of wood and colours.