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Martin Bigum

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Characteristic style

Martin Bigum, who was born the 8th of October 1966 on Frederiksberg in Denmark, is a Danish autodidact artist. Martin Bigum is, despite many different talents, best known and recognized for his works with visual arts. He was first known for his figure called ART in the mid 90’s. The figure ART is a cowl-dressed man who appears in several of Martin Bigum’s works. The figure is to be seen on his painting named “Advice For The Young At Heart”. This poster is in typical Martin Bigum style, which is characterized by extremely saturated colours and a rebellious attitude.


Famous and chosen

Martin Bigum is considered by many to be the most distinguished visual artist of his generation, which was officially confirmed when, in 1996, he was named Artist of the Year by Jyllands-Posten. Later, in 2013, he was also named Frederiksberg Artist of the Year and was even named Knight of Dannebrog Order in Denmark in 2015. Martin Bigum is thus an extremely wealthy and esteemed artist who, with his distinctive style, holds a special place in many people’s hearts.