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Per Arnoldi

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Art posters by Per Arnoldi

If you think it is expensive and cumbersome to have nice art on the walls at home, you may as well think again. If you invest in cool art posters with motifs of some of Denmark’s greatest artists, you can easily and beautifully put up fine art on the walls. This way, you do not necessarily need to know a lot about art. Simply select the motifs you like best. Among other things, you can buy art posters with designs made by Arnoldi. The fine Arnoldi posters appeal to many different people, as the motifs are simple and timeless. 


The posters with designs are often marked by large surfaces, with a few figures or designs breaking the surface. Often, the designs are very graphic and are made in clear and happy colours. Therefore, you do not have to be frightened of colours if you have these art posters to hang on your wall. However, many people love to decorate their walls with motifs in wild colours. Here it is quite obvious to buy art posters with designs made by Arnoldi.

The story of Per Arnoldi

Arnoldi is a Danish painter who was born in 1941. Unlike many other painters, he is not a graduate of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. He is what you might call a self-taught painter and artist. In 1959 he attended the teacher’s seminar in the Danish city, Hellerup. Before that, he had taken a very ordinary student exam. However, he already had an interest in the arts, which meant that he debuted at his very first art exhibition in 1963. He had a new and simple style, which led to many exhibitions in Denmark and abroad. From that, he quickly became very popular. 


His art consists mostly of large surfaces that are broken by a few attributes. The works are made in strong colours. His works are very graphic, which has led him to designing posters for huge companies both in Denmark as well as abroad. Among other things, he has designed posters for well-known companies such as Volvo Denmark, DSB, British Airways, Lincoln Center New York and the Danish newspaper, Politiken. Over the years he has carried out a total of 600 poster projects.