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John James

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Ornithologist and farmer

John James (Audubon) was an American ornithologist, naturalist and painter. James was born in the French colony of Les Cayes, now better known as Haiti, on his father’s sugar plantation. Although it was obvious that James ought to work on his father’s plantation, he instead sought the art of painting. For that reason, he worked in his youth as a painter in the French capital, Paris. However, it was not long before he became interested in farmer life, which is why he went to Pennsylvania to live a rural life and cultivate his new interest in, among other things, ornithological studies. It was the start of a life with a balance between paintings and birds. The product of this is James’s art series, which goes by the name “Birds of America”.

Realism and elegance

“Bird of America” is a series of paintings consisting of numerous paintings that are portrayed and crafted in the most beautiful, natural colours, and outlined with fine and thin brush strokes. The gentle and natural colours, as well as the elegant strokes, give the posters realistic and real-life motifs. You should buy one of the “Birds of America” posters if you are a fan of realism and artists with a sense of details and accuracy. See, for example, the beautiful poster “BIRDS OF AMERICA – ROSEATE SPOONBILL”, which nicely illustrates the elegance and realism that James was a specialist in. You are welcome to buy the poster in a frame, which is available in different colours and woods. As an example, try the poster with a dark oak frame that will give the poster an even more natural look.