Trine Søndergaard

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International artist

Trine Søndergaard is a Danish graphic designer and photo artist. Søndergaard was born in 1972 and was trained 24 years later as a photographer from Denmark’s Photographic Visual Art School Fatamorgana. She has had success ever since, receiving several awards and prizes for her works and designs. She was particularly notable with the series “Now That You Are Mine” where she portrayed young prostitutes in Skelbækgade on Vesterbro in Copenhagen. For this series, she received the coveted German book award Albert Renger Patzsch Preis in the year of 2000. In addition to the German award, she has also received a number of honours, including the National Art Fund’s 3-year work award. Søndergaard’s popularity is also evident by her works being exhibited at various art museums around the world. Her works can be found in New York, the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Castilla y Leon in Spain and The Hasselblad Foundation in Sweden. At home in Denmark you will find her works at ARoS and Martin Asbæk Gallery.

See Trine Søndergaard’s fine works of art here

Trine Søndergaard’s posters are not only available at the fine museums. Her works are printed for posters in large numbers – and that’s exactly what you find here at Permild & Rosengreen. Here on the site are several of beautiful posters by Søndergaard. You will, among other things, find the lovely subdued poster named “INTERIOR”, which is from her art series “Stasis”. “Stasis” includes topics such as silence and introspection, which are also evident on this poster. The poster is with a motif of a long, empty and thus quiet hallway. The dark shades on the poster can symbolize death, sadness and anxiety, which can often be linked to the silence and introspection. This poster is signed by the artist himself, just like all other posters by Søndergaard are here on the site.