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Theodor Philipsen

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Agriculture and art

Theodor Esbern Philipsen was a Danish painter, born in 1840 in Copenhagen and died in the same city in 1920. As a young man, Philipsen grew up in a highly cultural family, which made him naturally interested in the world of art at a young age. He therefore learned to daw early. In addition to an interest in art, he was interested in animals and agriculture,and for the same reason he took an agricultural education with his uncle on a farm in Slangerup. Only in the 1860s did he got to know the Danish painter, Hans Smidth. His newly acquired knowledge of the painter contributed to Philipsen’s decision to pursue his dream of working with art in favour of the agriculture. He therefore studied at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, but his love for his hometown and agriculture continued to characterized his art style. That is evident on this exact page.

Agricultural-inspired work of arts

Here at Permild & Rosengreen you have the opportunity to get your hands on the most beautiful posters of Philipsen’s phenomenal artwork. This includes his lovely and realistic agricultural-inspired works. You can find, for example “A late autumn day in the zoo”, which was previously exhibited at The National Gallery of Denmark. This particularly poster proves most beautifully how talented and passionate Philipsen was to portray nature’s lushness and potential.