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Alphabet posters

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Alphabet poster/Danish alphabet poster

On this page you will find our selection of ABC posters - from the minimalist to the child-friendly, bright and colorful. Explore the assortment at Permild & Rosengreen and order the alphabet poster that matches the mood of your home.

Danish alphabet poster for children - and adults

Most probably remember one of the well-known alphabet posters from their own children's room - or perhaps from one of the playmates' room. There is also something classic and timeless about the posters with the Danish alphabet. It is probably also one of the main reasons why they still adorn the children's room in many Danish homes. But an ABC poster is not just for the kids. The adults also enjoy the togetherness that can arise from the motifs on the wall. Get inspired by the pictures and figures on the posters and give your imagination free play. Maybe the posters can inspire a whole new bedtime story? So an alphabet poster pleases not only the children - but also the adults in their lives. It's classic analog coziness. With little fuel for the imagination, there is no need for tablets, phones or computers in the nursery.

Have fun learning with ABC poster

In particular, the ability of posters to create a link between play and learning makes the alphabet posters a generation after generation. See, for example, the cozy zoo alphabet poster where an animal hides behind every letter of the alphabet. From the antelope behind A, over the okapia behind O to the eel that snakes away behind Å. That way, your child will learn the alphabet behind and the names of the 29 animals. The poster also shows both the uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet, so you can teach your child the difference between the two letter variants. Learn to play with your child with a zoo poster or one of Permild & Rosengren's other alphabet posters. For example, see the hand-drawn ABC poster with illustration of the alphabet. Here, each letter contains illustrations of animals, people and objects starting with the given letter. In the A, for example, an anchor, a monkey, a duck and a pineapple are hidden - and this is how the whole alphabet goes on. In this way, your child will have ample opportunity to expand both his vocabulary and knowledge of the alphabet.