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Karen Blixen


Karen Blixen posters

Do you miss a touch of something amazing in the living room, hallway or a whole third room in the home? Then American artist Kevin Sloan's series of acrylic paintings by Karen Blixen's greatest works is a safe choice. The detailed paintings perfectly capture the mood of Blixen's literature. View the selection of Karen Blixen posters at Permild & Rosengreen, and enjoy the opportunity to take the Danish author's universe home or in the office.

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Karen Blixen posters at Permild & Rosengreen

At Permild & Rosengreen, you can explore in a huge world of posters - from mega posters to the living room, over design posters to the more specific ones or particular artists. Karen Blixen posters are of course no exception. Here you can dive into Kevin Sloan's visual interpretations of the Danish author's fantastic and unique literary universe.

Who is Karen Blixen?

Probably the few who have not come across Karen Blixen's name. The Danish author is internationally recognized for his fantastic tales, which are often attributed to Gothic, exotic and sometimes adventurous environments and surroundings. Many probably associate Karen Blixen in particular with her colorful language and her use of symbols and imagery. There are often numerous interpretative possibilities in Blixen's works, and as a reader you can hardly avoid being actively involved in the environment during the reading. Karen Blixen is known for her autobiography "My African Farm" as well as her fantastic tales - a genre that combines realism with fairy-tale features. For although Blixen's novels often take place in immediately realistic environments, there will also often be an element of something supernatural and inexplicable at work in her works - something inexplicable, which one, as a reader, must decide, as Blixen never even explains the unrealistic story elements. Although the fantastic tale has many commonalities with fairy tales, unlike the fairy tale, it rarely ends well. By contrast, the ending will often be tragic - a characteristic that in many ways reflects Karen Blixen's own life. But doesn't it all end well with the great Karen Blixen posters by Kevin Sloan?

Karen Blixen Posters by Kevin Sloan

If anyone has to translate Karen Blixen's colorful language and magic universe into something visual, American Kevin Sloan is a good bet. The contemporary American artist's love for both symbolism and the natural and man-made world perfectly matches Karen Blixen's sometimes marvelous universe and fantastic tales. The Karen Blixen posters by Kevin Sloans are both detailed and packed with symbolism. The posters are therefore not only an aesthetic contribution to the living room, but also involved art with many possibilities for interpretation - just like Blixen's own literature.