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Tove Ditlevsen

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The popular Tove Ditlevsen

Tove Irma Margit Ditlevsen (1917-1976) was a Danish poet and author. She was born at Vesterbro in Copenhagen in a working-class area where she lived throughout her upbringing.

Tove Ditlevsen wrote poems and books with strong inspiration from her childhood and upbringing. She includes in her works both autobiographical elements, as well as fictitious elements.

A large part of Tove Ditlevsen's works focus and center on issues such as pain and anxiety in both childhood and adulthood. With the drawings of Tove Ditlevsen you get a wall decoration that with its light shades creates a present and frivolous atmosphere in any room.

The bright posters with Tove Ditlevsen encourage openness and hospitality, which can be contrasted with other, darker posters, which typically contain more depth.