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Funny posters with the Øbro hall

Are you missing inspiration on how to use art posters in a different way at home? Then read on here. You get some different bids on how to use the posters and then you get some bids on fun designs.
Øbro Hall is a swimming pool where you can come and swim and enjoy a nice bath in the spa. You can both be pampered and use your body by swimming lane after lane after lane. When you visit the hall it is entirely up to you how much you want to relax and how much you want to use your body. The swimming pool has long been a part of the Copenhagen street scene. This has also resulted in several different graphic posters. These posters are cool and will decorate in many homes.
If you have not used posters in the interior before, you may not know exactly how to use them creatively. You can make the posters a part of an art wall where you collect different kinds of pictures and small memories. You can choose to use a whole wall on it or just a bite of a wall. The posters can be decorated in every room of the house. Many people probably don't think about it, but you can easily use posters as decorations in the bathroom.

Designs with bath nymphs

If you would like to try decorating posters at home, you can consider many different designs. Why not choose some posters with fun designs from the swimming pool and similar places? For example, you can choose some of the fun posters from the Øbro Hall. These designs can be very graphic and cartoon-like. They can also be more lifelike. You can also get art posters that are a photograph taken by some photographer.


The bath nymphs can be a fun motif for the bathroom. It can be very decorative with posters featuring men and women from old days dressed in old-fashioned swimwear. There is a very special and fun atmosphere in such illustrations. Far from most people who have art in the bathroom. But why not dress up out there? After all, it's a room just like all the other rooms. Just be aware that the posters can be damaged after a long time in the bathroom if you do not get enough air. The moist air will of course go in and affect the posters after some time.