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OMA / Otto Mønsted

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Otto Mønsted and the margarine factory

The year 1883 was the year when the Danish industrialist and inventor, Otto Mønsted, broke through with the margarine and thus the margarine factory named Aarhus Butterine Company. Not only was Otto Mønsted so dedicated that he spent all of his own wealth, he even got a loan from his father-in-law. All this he did to break through with his margarine project. And he succeeded to ug. Otto Mønsted later became Denmark's "margarine king" and in 1888 he opened his first factory in Godley, near Manchester, England. Some years later, in 1894, he even built a permanent margarine work in Southall, London. Mønsted's margarine company was renamed Otto Mønsted Aarhus in 1909 - most often abbreviated to OMA - and the OMA margarine brand became more and more famous in Denmark over time.

Great colours and retro style

Here at Permild & Rosengreen, we sell a handful of the fine OMA posters that were made as advertising posters for OMA. The prints are adorned with everything from beautiful colours in cold shades, to nice, warm and reddish tones. In addition to the beautiful colours, the posters are painted in such a way as to achieve a retro-like expression. Are you fond of retro and antiques? Then these posters are guaranteed to be well received by you. Complete your retro or Mid-Cetury Modern home with the great, colourful advertisement posters from OMA.