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Plakat med Jimi Hendrix | Finn Nygaard

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Size/format: 70 x 100 cm. and 100 x 150 cm.


Incredibly beautiful and colorful poster of Jimi Hendrix, by Finn Nygaard. The many colors and warm tones in the poster gives a colorful, but not too attention-grabbing expression, which makes the poster fit in, in most of the rooms in your home.

Jimi Hendrix was an iconic musician, og was an indredible rockguitarist, singer and songwriter. Even though he was only 27 when he passed away (Nov. 1942 to Sep. 1970), he made his mark on the world of music, and won many hearts in his few years. The artposter is made in conjuction with his koncert in K.B. Hallen in Copenhagen, only 15 days before his tragic dead.



70 x 100 cm.
100 x 150 cm.
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At Permild & Rosengreen we do anything we can, to take care of the environment as much as possible.
That is why this poster is produced with 230 grams matt FSC-certified paper, that assures responsibly managed forests. It assures that there will be cut down no more trees than the forest can reproduce. FSC is also a safety of protection for the life of animals and plants in the nature, and proper working conditions for the workers of the forest.