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Ogawa Kazumasa - Lotus

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Size/format: 50 x 70 cm.


Very nice poster with a flower motif by Ogawa Kazumasa from 1896. 

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At Permild & Rosengreen we do anything we can, to take care of the environment as much as possible.
That is why this poster is produced with 230 grams matt FSC-certified paper, that assures responsibly managed forests. It assures that there will be cut down no more trees than the forest can reproduce. FSC is also a safety of protection for the life of animals and plants in the nature, and proper working conditions for the workers of the forest.

Very nice, detailed, old Japanese poster. This Japanese poster is by the Japanese artist and photographer, Ogawa Kazumasa.

The poster is called "Lotus" and describes the poster's motif, which is a beautiful lotus flower.

The poster is in the most beautiful light colours and the most beautiful details.

This poster is perfect for you, who embrace the minimalistic style.

You have the option of purchasing a fine wooden frame, which is available in different colours and varieties.

These colours and varieties are black wood, natural oak, dark oak and magnetic oak frame.