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Hansen, Aage, AQ - The Kitchen

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Format: A5, A3 and 85 x 62 cm.

A5 (14,8x21 cm) (Incl frame)
A3 (29,7x42 cm)
62 x 85 cm.
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Aage Sikker Hansen

Aage Sikker Hansen (1897-1955) is probably best known for his drawings for Politiken's Sunday supplement Magazine in the inter-war years (including with Arne Ungermann) and for his many fine posters.

He is the artist behind the classic posters for Davregryn and Circle Coffee, which he produced for FDB in respectively. 1945 and 1955. But he has also been responsible for numerous other illustrations for books, covers etc.


Quiet and sweet

Sikker Hansen's very personal line and use of few or no colors gives his works a quiet and uncomplicated mood.

He was an excellent animal character, but in addition, the woman and "mother with child" were his favourite motifs.

It is also these works that have gained the most prevalence and popularity. Source: Laura Liv Weikop