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Heerup, 5. Shepherd time. Dalliance

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Format: 50 x 50 cm.
Paper: 200 g. kunsttrykpapir

Without frame
Black wood frame
Magnet frame in oak
Oak frame dark
Oak frame nature
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Henry Heerup

The painter, sculptor and graphic artist Henry Heerup (1907-1993) has a distinctive and recognizable expression, loaded with symbols.

Heerup has been a part of the artists' associations Linjen, Grønningen, Corner, the Colorists, the Decembris and the COBRA movement, and his artistic production is enormous.

The same was his material use. Recycling was essential for Heerup's artistic work. He worked with everything from stone and canvas to garbage, paper, old boxes, barrel covers and old carpets.


The joy of art

Heerup's art has a charming childhood and joy that shows his love for art. The motif is often human shapes, heads, animals and birds, which contain some fairness.

His imaginative imagination is reflected in the lavish and colorful images filled with symbols and a warm humor.


Source: Laura Liv Weikop